Diamonds Wings to Fly in The Style Sky


Aspire to fly on gem-studded wings? Perhaps, literally not possible, but figuratively yes, it is with the Skyward Bound collection by Irasva. Well, that’s the latest jewellery destination for liberated women. The soul of this collection lies in the wing-like motifs of birds and butterflies. The Skyward Bound collection is symbolic to wings that denote freedom and also to one’s journey towards achieving a goal. Charmingly crafted in choices of white, pink and yellow gold, and enchantingly embellished with shimmering diamonds, each piece exhibits a different version of freedom. The collection offers exquisite pieces available in the form of ravishing rings, elegant earrings, pretty pendants and blingy bracelets. Leshna Shah, the Jewellery Designer and Founder of Irasva, wanted to give women fine jewellery for daily wear. No wonder, the line is stylish, not very gaudy and yet has a luxurious appeal to it.



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