Anil Bharwani Fine Jewellery – Where Each Piece Tells a Story!


Playing with tones and precious stones, these exquisite jewels go beyond design, making the raw material transform into a coveted and priceless jewel. Each piece, so unique, tells how the royal peacock is captured in its majestic stance, with the plumes rendered in an assorted pattern we can’t even fathom! With the help of colourful rubies, emeralds, tanzanite and amethysts among others, saying these jewels are attractive will be an understatement.

We bet each of these finely handcrafted handcuffs will leave you speechless with awe! Yes, that is the effect Anil Bharwani’s creation (Mumbai) has on even a layman. One of India’s finest jewellery designers, his limited collections are enough to have a lasting impression, and that is just the effect these gorgeous peacock cuffs have on us.


All the above jewellery pieces are from the Collection by Anil Bharwani Fine Jewellery, Mumbai. 
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