An Artistic Tale Carved in Diamond & Platinum Jewellery


Artist and Director of Popley & Sons Jewellers Private Limited(Mumbai), Rajiv Popley blends in two very powerful sources of skill and imagination via jewellery and art infused with 3D technology in his latest couture platinum collection…

The desire to wear art and its forms has been on the rise in the last century giving birth to jewellery inspired by art. From Abstract Expressionism to Art Noveau, to Avant-garde, to Baroque, to Classicism, to Impressionism and to Surrealism and the likes, artists have found their muses in the meadows of such art movements, literary works, places, culture and nature. The newest to enter this hall of fame is Rajiv Popley. A third-generation jeweller, Popley is both blessed and skilled to express his creativity not only through gemstones and metals but also through oil paints and canvases.

Enthused by works of Salvador Dali, he let the swirls of his paint ridden brushes bounce into the world of surrealism in his two new series, Kaashi Aarti and Circle of Life. And that was perhaps just the beginning to something even more meaningful and tangible. It further motivated him to create jewellery spurred by his overwhelming themes. Must admit, he has built his own league by working on Art Deco jewellery in platinum which has been accredited by the Platinum Guild International too. This collection in platinum, emeralds, rubies and rose-cut diamonds also bears the hallmarks of 3D technology that has been used extensively to crafts these brilliant heirloom-worthy pieces.

These jewellery designs reflect the artist’s creative impetus and the genius of superior craftsmanship. The collection is all platinum for a reason. Designers all over the world choose this precious metal due to its versatility, and also because it is the most secure setting for precious gemstones. Moreover, Popley wanted to create something extraordinary through high-end couture designs. Platinum is a premium metal and thus was an obvious choice for couture designs. The designs are sophisticated and yet very subtle and wearable that reinterpret motifs such as birds, moons, rivers and petals akin to the artworks.

While it was made to appeal to a selective audience who wish to own art in the form of jewellery, the visual treat is for all admirers of creativity. We bring you three special jewellery pieces and the artworks that fired their creativity, we also showcase other artworks and collections as well. We leave it to your imagination to draw similarities. Scroll down to see the few of masterpieces from the collection:

An Ode To Sant Kabir

Envisage the golden words of Sant Kabir manifesting on the canvas of an artist who further translates it into a fine piece of diamond earrings. In this particular artwork, the revered saint’s poetry on triumph of the spirit over the senses, wisdom and knowledge is captured. Thus, the blue lotus stands out amidst a colourful backdrop on the painting. Platinum petals formed with blue enamel, and set with lustrous diamonds and laced with pristine pearls impeccably glorify the thought behind the creation.

A poetic manifestation of Sant Kabir’s philosophy on a fine piece of diamond earrings

Jewelled Circle Of Life

This has been a recurrent theme of our lives. And the feted artist captures it beautifully while breaking the mundane. Here too lotus plays the muse, which is inferred when the soul finds the lotus, gets detached and finds peace. The diamond earrings featuring emeralds and diamonds bring harmony and balance. This arty style is rendered through pave set diamonds in concentric circles topped with a lotus head in rose-cut solitaires. It’s a beauty to behold.

Circle of life crafted on rose-cut solitaires topped with a lotus head

Infinite Energy & Elegance

Birds of attraction, flamingos take centre stage where they evoke myriad emotions—

Fun, relaxation, new experiences, situations, and life and death. Here the circle of life goes on as nature takes and gives back, and the flamingo in us unleashes the emotions to welcome new experiences. The motif in this pair of diamond earrings is majorly figurative with alternating design illustrating eternity. On a closer look, the flamingo wings fabricated in platinum and rose gold, surrounded with rose-cut solitaires and brilliant-cut diamonds create a dimension of fantasy.

An elegant piece of jewellery inspired from the concept of eternity



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