Abaran’s Oriana collection is the ultimate summery line-up your cocktail memo needs


Summer palettes have officially made their way into the high jewellery spectrum; fashionistas do want something punchy and adventurous, but not too many clumsy elements at once. Fine jewellery brand Abaran Jewellers (Bangalore) has come up with a line-up boasting of jewellery made exclusively with yellow and pink diamonds. Yellow diamonds are not just more valuable than yellow sapphires; they are also a lot more brilliant and less dense than coloured sapphires, so the clarity really shines through. The Oriana line-up uses breezy coloured stones on white gold which makes the jewellery a lot more pairable; even the pieces which have three kinds of stones can easily be worn with daily wear or with monochromatic statement dresses. The range is chic, it’s a little classic but it’s very, very fresh.


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