A star evolves: Artemis Collection by FOREVERMARK


Bibhu Mohapatra and Forevermark expand their universe with a masterful extension to the highly successful Artemis collection.

It started as a meeting of minds over tea, complete with scribbled drawings on paper. Three years later, the outcome: renowned designer Bibhu Mohapatra (NewYork) and diamond brand Forevermark are working together to extend their successful Artemis collection into a new season.

Forevermark is a brand of the global diamond powerhouse De Beers. It stands for beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced diamonds. The 44-piece extension retains the interstellar theme of Artemis, launched by Mohapatra last year.

Artemis was inspired by Vedic scriptures and the influence of the sun, moon and stars on our lives. In Mohapatra’s designs the star is the central cosmic motif, and it features a Forevermark diamond at its heart. Each such diamond comes with a unique code, making it not only one-of-a-kind, but also unquestionably unique to you — your very own identifiable diamond at the centre of your star.

“Finding the source of inspiration is like finding a centre point,” says the designer on his process.

“Once I find that, I create a wall of inspiration, and I can keep coming back to it.” This is a literal wall in his studio, covered with images, drawings and material swatches and samples pertaining to Artemis or whatever he may be working on.

He wants Artemis to appeal to a broad audience. “Indian consumers have come a long way. They are far more informed and know exactly what they want. Their design sensibilities have evolved. Artemis is designer jewellery but does not need to be exclusive. I want to touch as many lives as I can.”

Mohapatra’s expert attention has given Artemis a wonderful balance of look, weight and price-point. The new pieces — including earrings, finger rings, bracelets, pendants, bracelets and brooches and are more feminine, delicate and ornamental. Yellow and white gold intricately interact to create a classic style statement.

This elegant look does not immediately call up traditional Indian jewellery styles, but Artemis possesses an heirloom value that Indian connoisseurs will recognise intuitively.

Artemis goes very well with the contemporary lifestyle of the empowered modern woman. And yet the designs tell a timeless story of creation and the universe that lies within each wearer.

In time there will be more chapters for Artemis, says Mohapatra. “As we take this journey, there will always be something new and exciting in each extension. Artemis will continue to evolve.”

Byline: Kalyani Majumdar


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