Vaani Kapoor showcases the revamped memo on millennial bridal jewellery


Brides today know exactly what they want – and it’s to make a statement. More and more high jewellery labels are showcasing cocktail and statement jewellery as part of their bridal jewellery collections. And as fun as that sounds, adventurous bling needs the perfect styling; you can’t overlook key elements of design and you always have to keep the tonality in mind. Recently, Vaani Kapoor posed for a cover feature on Brides Today magazine and sported some luxe statement bridal jewellery from Shree Jewellers(Hyderabad), which you can choose to wear on your wedding, instead of the same old jadau jewellery.

Opting for embellished statement jewellery along with some traditional staples is the hottest trend in the bridal jewellery circuit; pairing a Kundan choker with a chic uncut Polki paneled chain or a Zambian emerald jharokha earring with sea pearls could really switch up your look. Take a cue from Vaani’s Brides Today styling to take inspiration on styling statement jewellery.

Pearls of elegance

Inspired by antique Marwar craftsmanship, this opulent necklace is crafted like an old school ‘haar’; the bridal jewellery number takes a cue from the traditional multi-tiered gemstone strands that are so popular in Rajasthani design language. Vaani’s necklace for the Brides Today shoot is made entirely of Japanese Keshi pearls, which are not perfectly formed but have a really interesting asymmetrical texture. This helps the silhouette too, as each pearl is distinctly noticeable. The bridal jewellery necklace features four elaborate strands, studded with pearls on both sides, and is held with strands of rose-cut diamonds; statement jewellery necklaces like these can be used in multiple ways, no matter what the vibe of your wedding fashion.

Regal touch

This neckpiece is the ideal luxe statement jewellery number for your bridal jewellery trousseau; influenced by old school kundan, this necklace has been designed with pear-shaped Zambian emeralds set in panels embellished with rose-cut diamonds and sea pearls. The hint of jewel-toned colour really helps the look because you can pair it with pastels or nude lehengas. It’s also styled along vintage traditions so it’s very versatile.

For the minimal bride

Minimalism comes in many genres, and though it can be tricky with bridal jewellery, light, breezy pieces like this one can help you out. For the Brides Today shoot, Vaani Kapoor wore a webbed, wide chandelier necklace, which is in many ways, a statement number; the tapering structure of the necklace makes it very chic. The entire necklace is embellished with flawless clear-cut diamonds which have been studded with fantastic rose-cut diamonds and exactly two pear-shaped rubellites. Notice how the gemstones enhance each other but do not crowd the silhouette. Something like this is minimal in terms of tonality and can be easily paired with any colour palette.

The bigger, the better

There’s nothing wrong with opting for good ol’ kundan when it comes to statement bridal jewellery, especially since there are so many high jewellery options available. For instance, in another look for Brides Today, Vaani wears a gorgeous traditional and heavy-set kundan jhumka. The earring is particularly elaborate and made with clusters of diamonds which are embellished with rubies and pearls. The stud is an oversized polki which adds a stylish art deco touch to the number, giving it an urban finish.



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