The hottest diamond neck pieces to get you through summer festivities


We all try to avoid extremely flashy bling with our summer festive wear; the easiest trick is to only opt for pieces which can be worn in the day. Since we never allow day wear to be outrageously ornate, it should seamlessly carry you through post-work or black tie soirees.  The fact that diamonds have a natural gravitas of their own, and can gel with almost any look, doesn’t mean you can pick any choker or neck piece with diamonds in it; summer jewellery always needs to be about the detailing, especially as it is always visible. Here are some easy inspirations about the kind of diamond neck pieces you can opt for this summer.


coloured diamond neckpieces

Choose a pendant chain

A suspended piece automatically pulls attention away from your neck, and it’s a smart tip for wearing bling without playing it up too much. An oversized pendant almost always works, especially if you pick a well-ensembled piece. But do keep the consistency in mind; classically designed pendants, for instance, should ideally go with old school diamond chains with safe detailing. 

For day dos

When it comes to summer occasion wear, especially if it’s a destination wedding, or if you’re looking to team up some breezy diamonds with an ethnic ensemble, sharp, clingy diamond numbers are a very good choice. If you go for elaborate bejewelled chokers, try to keep the tonal consistency in mind, and the design must be breathable and not too dense. Keep an eye out for edgy silhouettes, or adventurous detailing, as it often completely transforms the mood of an ensemble. Open-ended chokers, for instance, are a huge summer trend.

open ended chokersopen ended chokerbejewelled chokers

The right side of the panel

Don’t overlook panelled neck pieces featuring diamonds, especially when it comes to some serious dressing up during weddings or important occasions. It lends an aura of ornateness without suffocating the look. But you need to be able to pick pieces which have roomy silhouettes and have minimal over-layering. 

Ready to mingle

Neck pieces exclusively featuring diamonds can come off as a bit heavy-set, even if they have an easy craftsmanship. Experiment with pieces which bring in other elements, to tone down the drama and the heaviness; diamond and pearls, for instance, make an unusually good team.  In case you want to feature coloured diamonds, don’t go for broader silhouettes, especially in the day.

diamond neckpiecescoloured diamonds


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