The Freshest Birthstone Diamond Jewellery Gifts for April Folks!


Each sun sign has a birthstone associated with their Zodiac, and if you’re super into birthstone astrology, then you must know that the birthstone for anyone born in April is diamond. It is believed that the concept of birthstones originates from the Jewish mythological fable of Aaron’s breastplate, which featured 12 gemstones for 12 months of the year. If your birthday is in April and you like diamonds, you are just plain lucky because diamond jewellery is as timeless as they are fresh. Many millennials tend to buy their birthstone as a token on each of their birthdays, and if you’re planning to do something similar, we have got some fantastic diamond jewellery ideas for you.

Keep it chic

If you’re going for something fancy, or occasion-worthy, make sure it’s not too dated. Long danglers or shoulder duster, for instance, are in trend right now. Well-crafted, intricately accented diamond earrings are the best investment. Go for bold kitschy motifs or sleek designs, and maybe even something stacked. This can also double up as a birthday buy for yourself, so just go with the flow and pick what you love. You can also go for something tiered or suspended like droopy chandeliers or ornate drop earrings.

Wearable Art

Why not opt for something totally artistic, or something fierce to go with your personal aesthetic? A birthstone purchase is an intimate buy, so it’s always advisable to buy something that speaks to you and your persona. Don’t go for understated; instead go all out and buy something oversized or well-embellished but modern. Like a panelled necklace, with some coloured embellishments, or a geometric bracelet.

Go for easy pieces

If you’re investing in your jewellery featuring your birthstone, try to buy something which is worth the investment; something dainty, feminine, wearable which you can team up with a kurta or a skirt on a random Tuesday morning. Versatile buys are our wardrobes’ best friend, especially for working women. Try going for a delicately embellished diamond choker or a well-set breezy necklace or some layered rings.


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