The Best Inner Lobe Piercing Inspiration You Need


If you love piercings, and just can’t get enough, inner lobe piercing is something you have to try. The coolest ear accessory and this year’s hottest jewellery trend, a pierced inner lobe is a superb look on anyone. Whether you go for mini hoops or singular gemstones, there are a number of ways to jazz up your ear, by stacking up piercings. Here are some of the wearable inner lobe piercings you can try out.

One stone girl

If you don’t want too much contrast, and want to stick to precious stones only, diamonds should be your safest option. But you can always opt for modern and fresh cuts. This look for instance, has two old school diamond studs, one on the main lobe and a pear-shaped one on the tragus. The inner lobe has been accessorised with a beautiful and timeless piece, featuring a cluster of pure, well-cut spherical diamonds. We love the mini hoops which have been used to make the bling pop.

Keep it classy

If you’re a fan of multiple earrings, it’s always safe to stick to trusted, certified precious stones, especially as you are piercing several parts of your ear. If you want, you can introduce a quirky garnet, or a tropical-coloured gem. This look, curated by American jeweller and piercer Maria Tash, exclusively features original diamonds; there are two diamond-encrusted eternity rings with a base of gold, on the helix, and the centrepiece being the Apsara ring on the inner lobe, which is a 9.5mm Diamond Double Sided hoop on pure white gold.

Old School Magic

We love this Edwardian era-inspired precious pearl coronet hoop on an 18K rose gold base. Though this piece has been accented with several other blingy, original baguette-shaped diamond and gold pieces, you can also opt for just the pearl hoop, and team them up with a couple of mini gold hoops.


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