Nervous about sporting chunky coloured gems? These pointers should help


The best part about summer wardrobe is definitely the array of colours, be it in our work wear, errand runs or even in our jewellery. Colourful jewellery, featuring gorgeous well-cut gemstones is a rage right now, and the most relevant runway-approved trend. When it comes to bespoke statement bling, coloured gems can seriously amp your game. And designers in the country, and abroad have got the memo on how to make cheerful statement jewellery work, without going overboard. But of course, you need some smart styling hacks if you want to make the most of this summery trend.

Don’t go for everything at once

We get why it’s often hard to wear colourful statement pieces, especially if you don’t usually go for bespoke jewellery with your cocktail wear. While choosing big or elaborate gems, always stick to consistent colour palettes, and steer clear of jewel-toned darker hues for day wear. This summery Bulgari necklace, for instance, is made of emeralds, rubies and mini diamonds. Notice how the colours complement each other, especially as Laura Harrier chooses an extremely refreshing ice blue gown to go with it. Wearing coloured fancy gems with light pastels is a genius trick.

Is matching cool?

Matching your jewellery is something which can save an ensemble. We love how a simple pantsuit can be jazzed up with a set of well-chosen precious gems. The consistency of the colours and the designs are of course, important, and also gives you a polished vibe. A set of sapphire or pastel coloured gemstones are ideal with power colours like black, blue, red or deep green. Get imaginative with colour schemes, especially if you’re wearing something monochromatic or neutral.

Scattered or not?

You can try to concentrate your statement bling to a part of your ensemble. For instance, if you have a bare neck, choose to wear a classic coloured high jewellery necklace, and ditch all other jewellery. If you’re showing off your arms, go for chunky rings and bracelets in complementary tones, and steer clear of other bejewelled accents. This adds a chic, no-nonsense dimension to your ensemble. This ruby set from Bayco Jewels, for instance, or the business-y emerald necklace from Cartier can be worn as stand-alone statements.

Go for non-clingy silhouettes  


Steer clear of bodycon jewellery or heavy-set chokers if you’re on the fence about coloured gemstones. Start out with relaxed, droopy necklaces, petite bangles, monotone rings, and pieces which will not need constant vigilance and won’t look out-of-place for summer day soirees.


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