Kareena Kapoor Khan channels the ultimate modern bride for a shoot


Are we even surprised that Kareena Kapoor Khan makes us all want to go wedding shopping? The Begum of Bollywood, who pushed quite a few sartorial envelopes with her own bridal ensembles during her 2012 wedding to Saif Ali Khan, posed up quite a storm for a magazine recently and gave us a plethora of ideas about how to sort a millennial wedding aesthetic. The shoot was surprisingly in sync with Bebo’s own personal style which is very relaxed, yet attention-grabbing. For the festive dressing, Kareena loves the mono statement look and opts for a very visible jewellery number, which she usually pairs with pastel dressing. Kareena’s shoot was possibly conceptualised around the winter wedding circuit when brides can wear heavy-set pieces and bring in some unorthodox adventurousness into their style. Here’s a look at Bebo the Bride:

Kareena Kapoor in tourmaline danglersKareena KapoorThe right memo

The biggest myth about the modern bridal style is that you can’t opt for exaggerated traditional pieces, and that’s not true at all. It all depends on the styling and picking the perfect number to go with the colour palette of your lehenga. Kareena wears a fantastically decked Kundan choker set by Anayah Jewellers (UK), which is a total show-stealer. More and more brides are going for the centrepiece trend which allows them to focus on one piece of jewellery and go easy on the rest of their look. Kareena’s flamboyant Rajasthani-inspired necklace has a very strong heritage vibe, and is obviously a new silhouette; it has a neutral coloured base, which totally complements her graphic, bejewelled pastel pink tulle and silk lehenga.

Kareena Kapoor wearing polka necklace

The Breezy Bride

Brides are always overthinking their pre-wedding or post-wedding looks, and the best idea is always to stay in your comfort zone, so you can have fun. Bebo does exactly that as she sports a very relaxed layered uncut polka necklace, which is definitely very uncluttered and chic, and the perfect example of how kundans and polkis can be factored into your wedding bling. She pairs it with a funky shimmery Manish Malhotra saree and skips any other major bling.

Kareena Kapoor

Kareena KapoorThe new Mrs

We can’t get over how sleek this post bridal look is; it’s classic, contemporary, and has a hint of rebellion. The dramatic gemstone danglers steal the focus once again and are actually in sync with the very stylish throwback aesthetic of the look. Bebo opts for clear azure tourmaline danglers, but given the nude palette of her elaborate fringed lehenga, she could have gone for something a bit more noticeable, like some precious garnets or well-cut emeralds. A great hack for choosing the right gemstone jewellery for your bridal ensemble is to go for contrasting colours; if you’re going for a beige, nude or a neutral coloured ensemble, choose something along the reddish spectrum, like pastel pink gems, light orange beryls or pink sapphires.


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