It’s 2019, And We Have Some New Ways to Wear a Brooch


We’ve all grown up watching our mums sport heirloom brooches on their sarees. And as much as you love raiding her closet, we bet you never gave her brooches a chance. Most of us have assigned brooches to cocktail wear or only consider them when we’re wearing some sharp formals. Brooches can be the coolest accessories if you’re creative enough, and this year, we’re exploring this trend in a major way. Of course, you’ll have to re-think how you want to sport gemstone-encrusted brooches, or pure gold ones, and here’s some much-needed inspiration.

Is it a headpin?

Brooches can be the ultimate fine jewellery piece. If you love elaborate and heritage brooches, consider wearing them on your bun, or dressing up your braids with them. This sparkling diamond Starburst brooch is made entirely of precious diamonds and features a rather modern abstract motif, and looks incredible on a simple French bun. Cameron Diaz, for instance, went for three smaller diamond and yellow gold brooches by Verdura, which jazzed up her sophisticated messy bun.

Brooch in daily wear?

Antique brooch on collars is a great trend, but you can also opt to wear heritage pieces on a sharp jacket or well-cut blazer. Did you know Kate Middleton wears brooches during most of her appearances? Granted Kate’s brooches are all royal antique wonders, but that does not mean you can’t pair your precious heirloom brooches, or designer vintage pieces with your formals. For instance, one of Kate’s go-to brooches is the Oak Leaf Brooch, featuring Mid-Victorian vintage diamonds and pearls set on gold. Interestingly, Kate wears it with blazers, dresses and even with blouses.

Does it go with headbands?

Brooches on headbands are spunky and make you look like real-life royalty. But you do need to go for precious pieces, which have a classy silhouette and a finesse in their detailing.This 1890s Diamond star brooch made of old school diamonds is a prime example of the kind of jewellery you can wear on a headband.


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