Here’s Proof That You Can Wear Chandelier Earrings With Anything


If you’re a Gen-Z’er, or a newbie millennial, and would love to feature some bling in your daily wear, we have got something stellar for you. Now, we are not hyping up chandelier earrings because we love it, and would love to wear it day-in and day-out. Chandelier rings are the ideal danglers if you’re looking to add a statement jewellery to your work wear or campus wear, but have no idea how to look classy and not gaudy. Which is also why chandelier earrings are such a rage even among street style looks. You can wear them with velvet, with tweed, or even with a simple kurta. Here’s some ways you can show off your chandeliers.

The Duchess knows best

Notice how Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge wears a vintage-inspired hoop chandelier with an Erdem tweed dress. When it comes to moody dressing, you can easily switch up the mood with a well-crafted pair of designer chandeliers. Kate’s danglers feature two different kind of coloured gemstones and a pearl drop embellishment, and yet the Duchess does not look even a tad overdressed, as hoop chandeliers always ending up adding an effortless vibe.

Go boho

Ornate metallic chandeliers can really enhance your boho glow-up. This exquisite pair of golden earrings from American label Dylanlex, features Swarovski crystals. We love the metallic tassels and the intricate detailing. You can easily pair one of these pairs with a simple pantsuit, or accent it with something a little subtle.

Coins for the win?

We’re obsessed with coin chandeliers for the spring. Dolce & Gabbana’s pair of pure gold chandeliers featuring seriously baroque gold detailing is one-of-a-kind. If you’re going for medallion or coin chandeliers, and you’re wearing a unique statement ensemble, opt for smaller coins, or one with intricate finishing. Also, solid metallic chandeliers always look more classic than gemstone ones.


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