Here’s How You Can Wear Multiple Layered Hoops Earrings


Layering multiple statement hoops is basically a science, because you have to keep the equation in mind. You cannot just team up random pieces together, and you definitely have to keep the size, the metal and the mood of your look in mind. Many people sport 2-3 hoops of the same size, in an ascending height, and that’s not always ideal, as it can end up looking too stuffy if it’s all yellow gold. And if they are plain mini hoops, they can make you look basic, and nothing out of the ordinary. So, if you are finally up for multiple hoops for daily wear, do it right this summer.

Learn from Mrs Bieber

Hailey Bieber knows exactly how to make multiple hoops work. Firstly, choosing identical, contemporary gold hoops, in contrasting sizes almost always works. The two hoops are vastly different in width, and the fact they are unadulterated gold makes it super fierce. Hailey wears solid 18 carat gold hoops by Jennifer Fisher.

Mix the lobes

Teaming up in-lobe piercings with basic hoops works out great. These gold mini hoops could easily have ended up being boring, but teaming them up with diamond piercings and diamond-encrusted hoops lends a really classy vibe to the look. If you’re new at this, and starting out with smaller hoops, mix and match, keeping your ensemble in mind.

Make your own

If you’re custom-making your danglers, think of a hoop dangler along the lines of this design. This pair of 18 carat gold danglers is basically made of assorted hoops of different sizes. You can always come up with your own designs, and even include some gemstone-encrusted ones, to switch up the colour scheme


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