Go Big or Go Home in These Layered Necklaces this Music Festival Season


The music festival season is upon us, and if you’re packing already, you must pack smart. You don’t really need to carry 5-6 precious pieces to coordinate with every ensemble, especially if you’re just going away for a weekend. Festival dressing is all about being yourself, and innovative mix and match, really is key to your look. Layered necklaces are the hottest way to accessorize, but there’s a right way to do it, and there’s a wrong way to do it. You can opt for a simple maxi or kimono, and your jewellery can really make a statement. Effortlessness is a big deal, specially, if you’re dressing up for a music festival, and layering your necklaces right can get you there.

Go all out

Basic gold chains worn together are oh-so-predictable. But investing in some chunky necklaces made of precious rainbow gems could really class up your look. Ralph Lauren’s 2015 safari-inspired Spring show for instance, paired up dazzling necklaces, featuring well-cut colourful precious gemstone in a pure 24 carat gold base. We love how fresh and fun the look is, all the while exuding a posh vibe.

Accent it right         

If you don’t want to overload on old school gold, and yet need it to make your outfit pop, you need to know how accenting works. An elaborate pure gold piece can be toned down, if you pair it with a finer number, to add a dash of fun. This Versace 24-carat gold medallion choker has been paired up with another low-key knotted gold piece, featuring a spherical clasp, so it takes away from the heaviness of the main number.

Keep it breezy

If you want to go the old school way and stack up some golden chains with a tank top, that is always a good way to go. We always recommend breaking the monotony with a pop of colour, much like this look, for instance. This influencer has layered pure 22-carat gold necklaces of different textures, and has inserted a few precious stones like amethyst, fire opal, tourmaline embellishments, to make it look relaxed and summery.


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