Can you wear precious jewellery to college?


Is there a way to wear expensive, luxe bling to college, that too, in the sweltering heat? Sure, there is Precious jewellery doesn’t always have to be heavy-set or ornate or even have traditional designs. Wearing jewellery to campus basically entails of us figuring out what goes best with our denims and tees, and let us tell you that there’ so much exploring you can do in that area. From exciting hoops, to some vintage drama, your p wear attire could use some serious makeover.


Stack them up

Stacking up wearable, breezy pieces together is the easiest way to wear jewellery with your daily wear. You can easily layer some sleek gold chains, or some diamond rings easily with a tank top or even a summer dress. It’s not uncomfortable and will easily make you look a class apart. Stacking up chain link earrings, or studs can look very cool and grungy. A helpful tip for wearing both chains and earrings: choose airy, breathable necklines so it does not look stuffy.

Mix and match

Whoever told you, that you can’t wear gold and silver together, never really got the memo on campus jewellery. One of the best ways to tone down the heaviness of your jewellery is to bring in other complimenting elements. Wearing golden and silver bangles, or multiple earrings, can add a boho edge to your look. Priyanka Chopra wears two very chic Chopard bracelets, one in silver and one in gold. Similarly, you can go for gold bracelets with a little elaborate diamond work. Amber Heard, for instance, wears boho-inspired fierce pure gold danglers with s pair of Ana Khouri emerald earrings set in white gold. While, mixing up different elements is an art, if done right, it could end up being a total revelation.

Trust the old school method

You can really explore your options with some vintage jewellery, especially as they look so cool paired with streetwear and campus attire. But of course, choose summery numbers, which have interesting details; this will not just draw attention, but can also make for good ice-breakers. Never underestimate solid gold pieces, as they can be an unusual addition to your wardrobe, and can instantly switch up the mood. You can try borrowing some pieces from your mother’s or your grandmum’s heirloom collections, and wearing them with random campus wear, for an effortless aesthetic.

Hoops can save you

Hoops are here to be the best friends to whatever your campus wear aura is. They go with anything, they can be ornate, or luxe in solid gold, and can also feature diamonds or colourful gemstones. Remember to choose unusual designs, instead of plain metallic hoops. Maybe explore bejewelled hoops with some quirky accents, suspended hoops, or geometric hoops. You can even try tiered hoops featuring diamonds or stones. Invest in some yellow gold hoops with interesting silhouettes, as they can be amazingly versatile.



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