Can You Channel Boho with Embellished Precious Gems?


Most youngsters give precious gemstones a miss for music festivals or EDM nights, because they often don’t know how to choose the right number, or how to pair them. A precious gemstone statement piece with a modern edge can effortlessly lend an air of boho chicness to your ensemble. The trick is to focus on the mood and tone of your look. For instance, if you are dressing up for pubbing or a night out, stick to glitzy well-cut chokers or earrings, or more dramatic pieces; if you are headed to a bonfire night or something a bit more relaxed you can always go for beezy single-strand emerald or diamond necklaces. Here are some ways you channel boho glam with precious stones.

Mary Kate Olsen

No one knows more about boho readiness than Mary Kate Olsen. Mary loves opting for gemstone drop earrings, in colourful palettes, and often teams them up with accent pieces. During one of her errands, she opted for the multiple earring trend, but focused on a neatly designed emerald and diamond drop earring by Sidney Garber. It’s well-cut, it’s polished and yet comes across as youthful. If you wear something classical or a little traditional, you can always accentuate it with lighter, more wearable pieces.

Big jewels work

Zoe Kravitz is a fan of oversized well-cut pieces, which helps bring out her natural glow, Zoe sticks with this trend even for major red carpets and music festivals. At a recent event, she was spotted wearing a pair of well-cut emerald earrings, which she paired with a couture gown. We love how she keeps it breezy and on-trend. Remember a single gemstone piece has a timeless quality, and will go with most of your ensembles, irrespective of the occasion. Pair them with a sequin top or a leather jacket, or even a short dress.

Kristen has the memo

Kristen Stewart is only fond of rare and one-of-a-kind pieces which will let her channel a boho chic vibe. This stunning Messika pure diamond Calypso ear cuff, for instance, makes her look like a futuristic diva; the look is fresh and spunky, and the earring has a beautiful tapering silhouette which fits in really well with her look.


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