All the Ways You can Wear Chunky Earrings to Work


Most women don’t want to wear big statement jewellery to work. But fierce bling can totally perfect your work wear game, and a power ensemble is quite incomplete without an equally dominant accessory, or accent. But you must know what you’re picking or why. For instance, instead of loud, cliched metallic earrings, go for precious gemstone danglers, or exotic designs, something which stands out without being gaudy. But definitely always make sure you apparel goes with your jewellery.

Think out of the box

When we say chunky earrings, we don’t always mean big hoops or danglers. Over-sized studs, or exaggerated quirkily set gems make for some really stellar accessories. Gucci’s wonderful coloured earrings are the perfect example of how you can push the envelope by not following the herd. When you’re picking jewel tones, try to match them with your ensembles.

Medallion love

We are in love with resort-inspired medallion earrings. A single pure gold medallions hanging from your ear can single-handedly give your simple plaid pantsuit a boost. If you’re going for a stacked-up piece, don’t go for huge coins unless you’re absolutely sure. If you’re going for metallic medallions or coins, opt for clean-cut, fine designs, instead of going for junk jewellery.

Just be smart

If you borrowing something from your festive wear wardrobe, it’s very easy to tone down the mood. Dazzling earrings, featuring diamonds or metallic elements are very easily blendable with pastels or nude palettes, or even power colours. For instance, if you have exquisite gemstone danglers like this one, wear it with something basic so your jewellery shines through.

Go big with hoops

Replace your basic hoops with exaggerated ones, because Spring is officially hoop season. We’re loving the embellished hoop trend, and the ones featuring well-cut stones. If you do have a pair of statement or designer hoop, don’t just assign it for cocktail evenings. Try switching up your work apparel with it.


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