Accessorise your Festive Gowns with Chunky Bracelets


Gown? Ornate or subtle does not matter. Heels? As high as you can handle. Jewellery? Identify the look of your garment. The silhouette could be Indian, western, fusion or Indo-western. Ethereal ethnic or contemporary chic? That’s the key. Or a blend? Since gowns are usually laden with elaborate embroidery and motifs, thus the idea is to not to over-accessorise your guise. Pick chunky and wide bracelets for accessories. So, if the embellishment or colour scheme conforms to golden hues, then choose big golden bracelets. And with more modern looking styles or silver or kundan work, blindly go for diamond bracelets. That’s style code for gowns this festive season. Feeling sorted now?

Check out the season’s hautest arm candies in pure gold and diamonds to team with your sassy or elaborate gowns

                                              Punjabi Saraf, Indore

 Nikkamal Jewellery House, Ludhiana

Jewellery piece by RR Aggarwal, Kolkata

Jewellery piece by Sona Chandis, Kanpur

Jewellery piece by SS Jewellers, New Delhi

Jewellery piece by Abaran, Bangalore

Jewellery piece by Mahabir Danwar, Kolkata

Jewellery piece by NAC, Chennai

Jewellery piece by Kays Jewels, Kanpur

Jewellery piece by BR Designs, Surat

Jewellery piece by Aisshpra, Gorakhpur

Jewellery piece by P B Society, Kanpur


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