5 Staple Jewellery Hacks for Summer Daily Wear


If you think summer is not a time for bling, we’ve got something which will change your style game. Daily wear jewellery for summer/spring season needs to be curated depending on your comfort needs; don’t go for anything which looks good but is new to you, or makes you anxious. The modern working woman already has too much on her plate. That being said, do take some hassle-free risks this season. We’ve got some starting points for you.

Stack up the petites

Sometimes single chunky statement piece can look odd or stuffy. Go for the multiple earrings trend by pairing several dainty gold earrings together, for a fresh look. You can choose contrasting pieces or just a set of drop earrings in the same silhouette.

The reverse hoop

If you’re tired of basic gold hoops, the crescent hoop is a great new alternative to the trend. Valentino uses solid gold rings to get creative with the reverse hoop style. They are consistent yet classy, and not boring.

Focus on the pendant

Large pendants on petite chains are a huge hit for summers, and gives you room to moderate your look as you want. If you want to go the classy way, you can opt for something in solid gold like this Missoma solid gold necklace.

Drop the extra

Drop earrings featuring well-cut gems will never go out of style. For summer day wear especially, you can always opt for light coloured gemstones like green amethyst, topaz or clear diamonds.

Layer them right

Layered bracelets are great if you want to go for the barely-there bling, but need one modern accessory. You can even opt for some heavier metallic bracelets if you’re not wearing anything else, or are sporting very light earrings, or studs.



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