Ferns or Sea Shells? What’s Your Bejewelled Statement this Season, Chicas?


Spring is in and summer’s around the corner! It’s time to shed the layers and bid adieu to the cold weather and do some skin show. Tear away the sleeves, let the necklines plunge, let the back be backless and legs be un-veiled. But what’s some skin show without splashing few glamourous sparklers on them? This new season, let your wardrobe and accessories set the mood for a carefree style spree, where you are not feeling trapped in jewellery. And the international runways are exhibiting the same diktat ushered in by top-notch designers. We picked up some of our top favourites from Melorra’s recently launched California Girl collection, that would help you pick up this vibe. 


This one gives chunky chain necklaces a run for their money. This is a high-polish yellow gold cable chain necklace and is dainty to the hilt. Added to them are multiple horizontally attached three-petal fern motifs that up the delicate quotient. Can be teamed with et all.

Star Shell

Bring alive a beachy and tropical air with these yellow gold starfish motif studs. The detailing is a combination of high polish and sandblasting that lend it a charm and versatility like no other.

Turn of Ferns 

You picked up the fern neckpiece? If yes, this will let to play team-up. If no, these are still not to be missed. These yellow gold high polish danglers with a hanging fern leaves attached to a hook are graceful and hip at the same time.

Star Shell (Bangles)

Bangles with trinkets are always a rage. A yellow gold high polish bangle with multiple dangling sandblasted starfish motifs are both attractive and nifty. These could uplift any drab outfit.

Star Shell (Ring)

Unique, beautiful and stylish are the words that best describe this stand-out finger ring! The yellow gold ring has high polished bead links with a sandblasted partial wrap in a palm tree motif. This one is for keeps.

Cease Scallop

The scallop motif is a perfect fit for jewellery. This high-polish yellow gold pendant has a dangling scallop motif with a ripple effect attached to a hook and gives a sophisticated look to your neck.


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