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Vaani Kapoor showcases the revamped memo on millennial bridal jewellery

Brides today know exactly what they want – and it’s to make a statement. More and more high jewellery labels are showcasing cocktail and statement jewellery as part of their bridal jewellery collections. And as fun as that sounds, adventurous bling needs the perfect styling; you can’t overlook key elements of design and you always […]

Sonam Kapoor and Bulgari have spoken. 2020 is all about Big Jewellery Energy

Our go-to fashionista Sonam Kapoor has made a very timely intervention and declared big, elaborate high jewellery the biggest statement wear trend of 2020. This is not something entirely unpredictable, global runways have been paving the way for hand-crafted and extravagant couture jewellery numbers which lean towards a distinct, oversized silhouette. When it comes to […]

Kiara Advani turns into a maximalist maharani in Raj Mahtani’s couture jewellery

One of the few jewellers who has successfully made the transition from an erstwhile name to house of modernity, Raj Mahtani’s label has more than two centuries of cred in the industry. Originally established in the 1880s as Satramdas Dhalamal, the jewellery house has ushered in a new way of global, exemplary styling of couture […]


Bombay times Fashion Week: Designer jewellery labels are bringing back drama for summer cocktail fashion

This 2020, summer fashion is getting a lot more extravagant, especially when it comes to the festive memo. Cocktail styling is making its comeback in the designer jewellery spectrum and fashionistas are realising how versatile cocktail jewellery can be in the urban post-work milieu. At the Bombay Times Fashion Week, designer Queenie Singh showcased some […]

Morganite is the royalty-approved gemstone you should be splurging on

Kate Middleton wears it with Gucci and Blake Lively wears it on her engagement ring, and it’s officially the only gemstone that should matter this season. We’re talking about morganite, the pastel jewel which is fast gearing up to be the star of millennial bling. Morganite is essentially an orange-pink variety of the beryl gemstone […]

We must talk about bodycon jewellery

If you’re in the market for experimenting with spring jewellery trends, allow us to introduce you to the reigning, couture-approved bling that’s going to boost your daily wear game. We’re talking about bodycon jewellery, a style so dramatic and easily switchable, that you can go from work to play without skipping a beat. Bodycon jewellery […]

The Jewellery Mine

Take a risk with these audacious diamond danglers from Mehta Emporium’s new line

Diamond Danglers @Mehta Emporium, Mumbai Want a flashier look this season? Go for this collection of dramatic diamond danglers from Mumbai’s Mehta Emporium. What we really love about this line-up is that it brings in some homegrown designs and motifs too, but the elaborate design has been curated along modern lines to make each number more […]

These audacious Rare Jewels line helps millennial brides connect with heritage jewellery.

Jadau Necklace Collection @Rare Jewels, Pune Rare Jewels – A Ranka Legacy, Pune has a necklace line-up featuring flamboyant traditional detailing and Rajputi techniques, flanked by rubies, turquoise, etc; but the line is not just about oversized gemstones and embellished jadau, but balances traditional design language with modern detailing especially in terms of colour schemes […]

The House of Rambhajos revamps polki for the cocktail memo

Polki Ring Collection @House of Rambhajos, Jaipur The House of Rambhajos, Jaipur’s new Polki ring collection features some really well-curated ornateness; each number boasts of sparkling, uncluttered Polki balanced with some traditional nuances like old school Bikaneri setting and Borla rings which make the pieces more adaptable and pairable with dressier cocktail fashion.  

Out of Store

Aditi Amin rustles up a new design language in Polki jewellery

Understanding the nuances and intricacies of jewelry is an acquired taste. Like fine art, it requires a discerning eye and innate flair. For Ahmedabad based Aditi Amin, an investment banker turned jewelry designer and entrepreneur, serendipity is what got her to shift gears to fine jewelry making. The Jewellery Diaries gets an insider access to […]

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