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Life isn’t perfect but your jewelry can be.

7 must know tips to care for fine Jewellery while travelling

care for fine Jewellery Weddings these days are no longer like what it used to be years back. With time the extravaganza as it can be rightfully called now, has become more of a trek...

Want to customise your jewellery? Here’s what you need to know

Women love to personalise their jewellery. They want it to reflect and complement their style, preferably in a unique and personal way. The name that jewellers give to this process is customisation. Customisation, you should...

All that you need to know about insuring your jewellery

Priceless heirloom neckpiece you inherited from your grandmother? Sparkling diamond engagement ring you received in the course of that romantic weekend? Well, they're both in the safe, and you are content.In the safe need...
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