Money no bar? Splurge on NAC’s Rewind Collection and set a trend


Today we would urge you to look up ‘Rakodis’ on Google before you read further into the article. As a primary bit of information we can say that dating back to the 18th century Rakodis were traditional South Indian head ornaments- beautiful and royal, they were worn by the regional blue bloods before it turned out to be a favourite ornament of the non-royals. Very few of these traditional artifacts can be traced in South Indian households.

Given that Rakodis are so rare, NAC has a channel of brokers who painstakingly trace old jewellery forms in the old towns of Thanjavur, Mylapore and the likes. Most of the owners have no idea about the historical significance  of these rare ornaments they possess and some even want to melt them away- over the time NAC has either offered to redesign the piece for them giving it a new twist, or has bought the same with competent pricing to develop their Rewind range.

The recognizable feature of Rakodis is the explicit use of Burmese rubies.

Burmese mines have stopped manufacturing rubies since quite some time, and that’s what makes Rakodis a rare find. Rich in history, and extremely visually appealing- Rakodis are a prized collectible for every jewellery connoisseur.

NAC Jewellers have a taste in giving new life to old masterpieces and their passion for rare jewellery made them develop a pret line redefining the magnanimous glory of the Rakodis. Given their mastery in redesigning heritage jewellery, there’s no prize for guessing that NAC hasn’t limited their innovation with Rakodis only to the head ornaments.

Rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces you find all of these in NAC’s Rewind Collection where they have added elements around the original Rakodi without disturbing its design sanctity for the craft used in Rakodis can no way be replicated.

If you visit the NAC stores, what would inadvertently catch your eye is the Antique lounge which showcases the Rewind Collection. To give you the look and feel of the era, the lounge is furnished with teakwood furniture having fine wood work detail, Thanjavur style doors and aesthetics that resound the glory of the Chettiar royalty.

Marked at INR 50 lakh and above, NAC’s Rewind Collection should be on your lust list if value for you isn’t just money.


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