Forevermark’s Freshly Released Trend Book Takes You on An Imaginative Ride into the World of Diamond Jewellery


Forevermark has released its Spring Summer 2020 Trend Book with two very self-motivated themes that would mark the spirit of imagination in the world of diamond jewellery invoking both creativity and desire… TJD brings you the story and pictures to take instant cues from…

Trend forecasting has become a potpourri of bewilderment for followers and enthusiasts alike, especially in today’s time of burgeoning Insta-influencers and bloggers who have become the reference point for many. Nevertheless the fundamental has to be clear, you only trust a source who is either an expert, an authority or a is name or brand who has been trailblazing a legacy of trends for years on. Just like Forevermark Diamonds. While the brand brings forth trends in myriad of ways, off late their trend book has been anticipated by industry experts and followers with bated breath.

Unlike clothes, the value of validation of a certain style is far greater when it comes jewellery because diamonds are bigger investments and have greater shelf lives. While each jewellery designer or brand might launch seasonal collections, broadly the trends last for four-to-five years and the value of jewellery, a lifetime.

Not pondering much on the significance of whos, whats and whys of it, let’s cut to the fact.
Forevermark’s 2020 Trend Book – is already a talking point for everybody related to or interested in the business, fashion, creativity and wearing of diamond jewellery. Just like us at, who love to tap trends and talk about it to our esteemed readers.

It is the sixth consecutive year of release. The Trend Book is a diamond industry forecast which is acknowledged globally as a source of invaluable and motivating information. With each new edition, jewellery designers across the globe use the Forevermark Trend Report’s four key moods to drive inspiration from and innovate at their level blending in their expertise. And how the wearers covet jewellery with Forevermark diamonds is another story altogether. So, what does the Spring Summer edit have in store, you may ask? Diamonds, diamonds and loads of fashion, passion and creation infused into it. While those words are very very enthusing, but broadly the trends have been divided into two categories and here they are..


Urban Nature Spring 2020

While we all have been dwelling over the challenges that our planet has been currently facing it has also opened a space for design that tackles significant topics such as climate change, sustainability and the safeguarding of endangered habitats and species. While we may individually not be able to take any steps, but there is a corner in our heart that cares. And creativity often serves as a path to vent those emotions out. No surprise that a brand like Forevermark touched a theme like this. And we so agree. Enter a garden of creativity here. Botanical forms such as diferrent flowers, leaves and tendrils have been given forms in combination with sculptural outlines, dramatic planes, and abstract symmetries to create a striking new design language.

Silhouettes that border organic and architectural themes are invoked from precious metals such as white and black gold. Impressive settings tuck the gorgeously cut diamonds in designs that entwine fingers, drop from ears and tenderly hug wrists and necks. Cuts like round, marquise diamonds, pave and pear abound in this theme. Streaks of lush green enamels further bring life to each diamond’s brilliance. One can find long, drop, chandelier, tassels, stud earrings and pendants and bangle in this line.

Baguette Open Mind Summer 2020

This too is a symphony of the senses. Open Mind pays tribute to those free-spirited individuals who have infinite curiosity about the world around them. Filled with joie de vivre, they crave life-affirming experiences; they support freedom of existence, and rebuff unhelpful labels or stereotypes. Jewellery inspired by Open Mind has an informal, joyful quality. As design boundaries are explored and pushed, playful, experimental forms emerge.

In this beautiful rendition, when baguette diamonds take centrestage, scintillating silhouettes are born. A rainbow palette of enamel colours adds to the sense of mesmerising wonder in designs that spark an emotional response. Crafted with mainly round and baguette pavé diamonds this theme is made real through hoop earrings, pendants, necklace set, necklaces, long earrings, rings, long and short open earrings, Truly, a dazzling rainbow to behold.



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