Dazzle up the Karva Chauth celebrations with the sparkle of Natural Diamond Jewellery

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As natural and pure is your love for your better half, so are natural diamonds. This
Karwa Chauth, honouring the sanctity of seven vows of your marriage, we give you seven
reasons why natural diamonds make for the most fitting gifts for her.

While everyone is in the festive mode these days, North Indians are gearing up for the
biggest ritual that celebrates marriage-hood. This is the occasion, where the wife, (also
fiancée or even girlfriend sometimes) fasts the whole day and breaks it by seeing the moon
and her husband’s face through a sieve. While a good feast ensues, the lady love is also
given a gift. Though new age gifting ideas abound, yet there is one token of love that is
incomparable. Natural diamonds. Read on to know why….

Evolved Over Time

Rome was not built in a day, neither was your relationship and definitely-definitely, not
natural diamonds! These miracles of nature take billions of years to form. Just equate the
same to your conjugal relationship with your wife; did you not take time to shape the
beautiful relationship that you have with her? So, quite obviously what else on earth can
represent this phenomenon other than natural diamonds?

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A Crest of Fire

The word ‘diamond’ in Greek is called ‘adamas’ meaning invincible or indestructible perhaps
due to natural diamonds ability to withstand the test of time and fire. Like diamonds that
have endured the most extreme heat and pressure through their formation cycle, even your relationship has, and yet you emerge stronger.

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An Ode To Everlasting Love & Life

During Karwa Chauth, since she is going to fast the entire day and pray for your long life,
you too can signify the same by gifting her natural diamonds that would last her a lifetime.
Like she associates her suhaag with the moon that shines bright forever, natural diamonds
come with promise of lifetime of sparkle.

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A Part of You, Every day, Each Day…

Just like you are a part of each other every day, so can be diamonds. There is nothing called out of trend about natural diamonds, they are, modern, versatile, luxurious and highly wearable at all times. The bonus; it will also remind her each time about your special

credits-Forevermark-Artemis-Collection-by Om Jewellers

Perfect Imperfections

The beauty of natural diamonds is in their imperfections. Not only no two diamonds are alike, each diamond comes with a set of flaws and inimitability, just like your loved one. It’s an amazing way to tell her, “I love the way you are’. And that she is pure and rare gem, just like a natural diamond.

credits-Forevermark-Artemis-Collection-by Om Jewellers

Natural Diamonds Are Forever Fashionable

Women might have enough of everything but never of diamonds. As a loving husband, you
know how fashionable and significant diamonds are to her style statement and as well as
her prestige. What better way to tell her she is a cut above the rest.

credits-Forevermark-Artemis-Collection-by Om Jewellers

All Shades & Shapes of Bright

Isn’t your relationship a sum total of myriad moments and emotions? So are diamonds that
come in a vast range of shapes, sizes, cuts and colours. This actually gives you an
opportunity to gift her something new that she doesn’t have.

credits-Forevermark-Artemis-Collection-by Om Jewellers

An Investment For Her Future

Simply like you invest in your marriage for a lifetime, so you do in diamonds. By gifting her
natural diamonds, you are also building assets for her future that would never be down
valued and will stand as a financial treasure for good.



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