‘Be Safe, Buy Safe & Bling Safe’ at Jewellery stores


Craving to go to a jewellery store? Don’t let the virus scare deter you then. Just be choosy about where to go… A jeweller of repute and longstanding trust will surely give you safety with purity.

Ever wondered, why familiar jewellery shops feel like home. It’s due to the loyalty that you build by visiting and revisiting these stores, the hospitality and advice that the staff extends and the service that they offer post sales. And the bonus of this industry is that even when you visit a store for the first time you still feel that you have been there before.

Now add to it a blanket of safety amidst the Covid-19 crisis. Hop into a shop that’s safe and sanitized especially following the government’s directives. Let’s explain what to expect.

 Less is More Safe

Image Courtesy : Tanishq (Titan Company), Bangalore
  • That’s a prerequisite and is applicable to all—customers, vendors and staff (33 per cent of the overall strength).

  • And before any staff enters, a thermal gun temperature check is a must. Any alarming beeps will send them back home until they return with a health declaration providing travel and health history immediately or before joining work. The thermal scanners are for you too.


Image Courtesy : GRT Jewellers, Chennai
  • Some stores are following a two-member’s-inside policy. A separate sitting arrangement is made for extra family members.

Call & Come

  • Many jewellers are encouraging appointment-based visits so that social distancing can be maintained to the T.

  • This would reduce undue waits, crowding and always good to be expected, isn’t it?

Sanity Of Sanitation     

  • Additional housekeeping personnel have been hired to beef up sanitising and cleaning activities.

Image Courtesy : Narayan Jewellers, Vadodara
  • The potential places, counters, doorknobs, lights and fans switches, air conditioning remotes, restroom surfaces, etc are under attack and so under check as well.

  • Many time & all times! The frequency of sanitisation is either after every walk-in or every half an hour.

Image Courtesy : Jugal Kishore The Jeweller, Lucknow
  • Some jewellers have also fitted micro filters to air-conditioners to maintain 25°C temperature inside the showrooms.

  • Be ready to walk through sanitising tunnels right outside some of the showrooms.

Image Courtesy : AVR Swarnamahal, Salem
  • Some entry points also have small coir foot mat with a sponge sheet below soaked in a Sodium Hypo-chloride solution to sanitise visitor shoes.

Image Courtesy : PC Jewellers, New Delhi
Image Courtesy : Tanishq (Titan Company), Bangalore
  • Ultrasonic machines that kill viruses and bacteria are being used to sanitise the jewellery pieces as well before they hit the shelves. No viruses there too!

Image Courtesy : Neelkanth Jewellers, Bangalore

Now that’s for safety at the stores. We also get you an update on the whole new buying experience at the stores and what you may expect while you feast your eyes on the ornaments at the store.




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