33 Precious gold and diamond Rakhi Designs That’s Worth The ‘Weight’ Here!


Hello sis? Are you still wasting time buying knick-knacks for your brother that would perhaps just go waste and unnoticed. We urge you to stop at once and put in all the money in a rakhi that would not be found near a tree but be treasured as a piece of jewellery for lifetime. Or better still, looked at as an investment or umbrella for rainy days. After all, a sister’s love is always a blanket of security and dependability. And what better than gold and diamonds? It clearly established itself as the numero uno investment during Covid crisis. In just a matter of four months it has surged from Rs 38000 to Rs 55000 and it is only on the rise.

And if you think precious rakhis are old-fashioned, this is our comprehensive list of some hand-picked rakhis that are not just eye-catchy bonds of love but investments as well. Lightweight, sleek, urban, quirky or over-the-top, this assortment encompasses it all.

Time-tested materials continue to find favour—conch shells, rudraksh beads, plain beads and precious and semi-precious gems. Tag them as ‘evergreen’, bracelet styled rakhis that your brother could continue flaunting as jewellery too. The ones that we have short-listed boast a repertoire of designs, shapes and styles. From pearly-centrepieces, to gem-encrusted patterns and to traditional musings, the list is limitless and yet is value for money.

For some people tradition has to be direct and uncompromised. And nothing beats a Ganesh ji, an Aum, a Swastika sign or any holy inscription for that matter. These are the sisters who don’t want to mess with emotions or auspiciousness and not give anything frivolous. The only twist they can comply with is new hues and sizes. Solid and precious!

And how can we miss sterling silver rakhis? We have got you covered here. Plus there are dual tones, including white and yellow gold, filigree patterns, trinket centrepieces, animal motifs, epitomes of royal designs and the works. Be assured to be spoilt with choices and give your brother a token of love, blessing and valuable.



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