33 jewellery designs your sister will swoon over this Rakshabandhan


If your sister has reminded you lately about Rakshabandhan coming up, chances are she is hoping you have her gift ready. Although in our modern times, the symbolism behind the festival has shifted from brotherly protection to mutual affection, gifts are a nice token of sibling love. And what better to way to win brownie points with your sister than timeless jewellery?

If the idea of choosing between jewellery options leaves you befuddled, fret not. No matter what your sister’s personality type, there are gift ideas for one and all. Let’s jump right in…

  1. For the feisty and fearless sister

If ‘spirited and always game for a challenge’ sounds like your sister, then diamonds should be your pick. Choose from classy diamond necklaces, pendants and lightweight earrings for daily wear or take out for special occasions. Brilliant and everlastingly vibrant, diamonds will complement her personality like a charm.

  1. For the grounded and pragmatic sister

If your sister has a rooted and practical approach to life, then gifting gold jewellery is your best bet. Gold doesn’t necessarily need to come in conventional designs. You can opt for exquisitely crafted Italian gold jewellery with contemporary motifs, in lightweight 14-18 karat designs. Pick from yellow or rose gold finishes, depending on your preference.

  1. For the quirky and eclectic sister

Would you describe your sister as someone who marches to the beat of her own drum? Then coloured stone jewellery might be the perfect gift for her. Coloured stones come in every budget and every shade of the rainbow, from statement earrings to cocktail rings and more. Choose from precious stones like emeralds and sapphires or semi-precious like amethysts and garnets. Their uniqueness is sure to make heads turn whenever flaunted.

Here is our pick of the best choices for your sister!


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