23 stylish designs you can gift your brother this Rakshabandhan


The days of the sister awaiting her Rakshabandhan gift are long forgotten. For millennials, gifting isa two-way street. Now we all know that gifting a brother can be a baffling process, especially if he’s known to be picky about his choices. Moreover, you’re probably feeling uninspired with the predictable options of watches and perfumes.

Why not deviate from the usual suspects and gift him jewellery instead? Don’t worry, there are styles out there for every fashion sense and phase of life. We’ve got you covered..

  1. The streetwear enthusiast

If your brother has the same sweatpants in different colours, wears hoodies or refers to himself as a ‘sneakerhead’, you know he’s into the whole streetwear look. While ‘comfort’ and ‘casual’ are keywords in this dressing style, be rest assured he’s updated on the latest trends and looks. Help him channel the Bieber vibe with trendy gold link bracelets orslim metal chains. A glint of gold can elevate his leisure look from ordinary to funky in no time.

  1. The ‘Smart Friday Dresser’

If your brother’s style is more the suave gentleman, then leather bracelets with a gold talisman will be a great option. Its more casual version, the cord bracelet also comes with various plaques in gold and platinum. They provide a hint of colour under the blazer and shirt cuffs and adapt well both at the workplace and during drinks at after hours. Think Harry Styles without the tattoos.

  1. The dapper bro

If your brother’s fashion sense gives off the cool elegance of Harvey Specter from Suits, then timeless platinum bracelets will match his style. Choose between two-tone options and textures like brushed metal. Classy diamond cufflinks are another fantastic choice with luxurious tailored suits; that are sure to win you the best sister tag this Rakshabandhan.

Here is our pick of the best choices for your brother!



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