Refined, tonal layering of gold jewellery sets the tone for Mitali Mayekar’s bridal look


Mitali Mayekar just gave out some practical styling inspiration with her bridal picks, as she married actor Sid Chandekar recently. The Marathi actor went all out with the traditional Peshwa aesthetic and yet was able to have a lot of fun with antique jewellery; this just goes to show that even with a traditionalist memo, millennial brides can get experimental. Mayekar essentially went for the statement look but didn’t want to drown any of her jewellery picks so she curated each number quite strategically, in the classical sense so each high jewellery number got equal attention. 


Layers of drama

For Day 1 of the Marathi ceremony, Mitali went for the layering hack, which totally worked; even though the actor flaunted three, heavy-set old school gold necklaces, she was very conscious of their lengths and chose pieces which share a design language. Her clingy, Maharashtrian ‘Vajratika’, was a single-panelled wonder and actually exuded a very repeatable and chic vibe – something that can be worn with non-bridal looks as well. 

The other two necklaces by PNG Jewellers were discerningly embellished but breathy; the mid-length solid gold necklace with an intricately hand-carved centrepiece was eye-catching but not too gaudy and totally complimented the droopier, longline panelled mala. Mitali picked necklaces with the exact tonality in gold, which is really important while planning a layered bridal look. Pairing antique gold with something too polished may not always work; since Mitali wears a flashy parrot green silk sari, she opts for a piece of classic earthy gold jewellery, which is a great choice.


Regal picks

For the next ceremony, Mitali goes audacious with one-of-a-kind antique jewellery, with a focus on pearls; her traditional Kolhapuri ‘chinchpeti’ or pearl choker from PNG Jewellers was eclectic and not over the top, and was flanked by some stunning gold and gemstone intervention. This chic number was layered alongside a really elegant ‘tanmani’, which is a Maharashtrian pearl and gemstone neckpiece. This pick had a keen sense of design symmetry which made Mitali’s look really dramatic and rather regal. Mitali also wears a single-line long motihaar by TDF – Diamonds and Gold which really accentuated her choker and her traditional pearl bugdi or jhumka.


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