Suave and stylish, two varied looks for bride Atiya Khan


It was a beautiful fusion of two cultures when Mumbai-based Atiya Khan married Delhi-based Punjabi, Amitesh Sabharwal. A dream come true, the wedding got the bride and the groom to enjoy the celebrations through the pheras and the nikah!

To fix up the perfect ensemble for the wedding, Kishan Das and Co. Jewellers in collaboration with Sabyasachi, surprised Atiya with the royal look planned for her. She was open to ideas, and loved the complete do planned for her by the experts. The bride ecstatically reminisces how the two helped her merge the cultures keeping in mind their respective roots.


Heirloom jewellery with a big mang tika, and choker necklace set along with a passa (to the bride’s surprise) was selected to adorn her. While at first Atiya was tentative (that the look will be too heavy for her), she was overwhelmed with the end result, and looked graceful in her well balanced get-up.

The set was laden with coloured stones, polki and beads, set artistically to resemble the likes of nawabs! With chand balis to complete the heavy look, Atiya was more than satisfied with what the two designers conjured up for her.


Straight out of a fairytale, Atiya chose to dress like a princess for the reception. A mint green outfit with gold embroidery matched dreamily with the diamond studded necklace set, which her mother-in-law gifted her from Ronak Jewels, Delhi. The criss-cross pattern extending as a dangling teardrop blended well, and caught attention as the bride and groom danced and celebrated their union!

Team TJD loved how Atiya transformed gracefully from a royal-heritage bride to a dainty damsel in her gown! The carefully selected jewellery sure helped prove that you can definitely carry an elaborate set, mang tika and passa all in one look.

Jewellery – Kishan Das and Co. Jewellers

                   Ronak Jewels, Delhi


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