An Exciting Assortment – Real Bride, Vradhi Soni Wore the Perfect Jewels at her Wedding!


Exciting and assorted, TJD’s real bride Vradhi Soni Heda’s wedding Jewellery will definitely make you want to ape it!

Based out of Mumbai and married to Pratik Heda from Amravati, Vradhi made beautiful memories with her destination wedding in Pune’s The Westin Hotel. Planned to the T, she hit off the functions bejewelled in gorgeous jewels. What caught our attention or why it is an inspiration for new brides is the assortment which each event boasted.


Our beautiful and dainty bride looked exquisite in her pastel lehenga matched to perfection by a fine diamonds set designed and crafted by Mehta Emporium. Highlighted with polki diamonds, the set had graceful curved motifs around big polki diamonds which blended with her dress. Long danglers and a sparkling hand cuff completed her soft hued modern ensemble.

Vintage Carnival

Fun and frolic have to be a part of Indian weddings and the vintage carnival event added excitement with its ‘70s theme. Dressed in a maroon cape, the bride-to-be was adorned in a stunning enamelled necklace with pearl strings on the sides.

The set with its uncut diamonds was gifted to her by her mom in law and contrasted beautifully with her themed outfit. Timeless with a classic aura, this entertaining twist to the wedding complete with matching jewels is alluring, right?


The cream of all for the last, the bride was adorned in a striking polki necklace set to complete her wedding ensemble. Designed by Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas Jewellers, Jaipur, the uncut diamonds, pearls and emeralds were simply stunning against the backdrop of red. Classic floral motifs with pearls and a layered polki necklace made it the perfect pick for rounding off her festivities.

Adorned in fine diamonds, pearls and polki for a unique look each, Vradhi Soni made one hell of a bride with her gracefulness and sparkling smile above all.


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