Mehak Oberoi’s bridal looks urbanises heritage jadau for Instagrammable moments


Every bride and their stylist give social media albums a thought while planning wedding ensembles. But what if the stylist is herself the bride and can make her own bridal memo? Mehak Oberoi’s wedding looks were lessons in planning daytime wedding looks, especially if a bride wants to spot some heavy-duty heirloom jadau or old school picks. For the most part, Mehak stuck to jadau, but chose pieces that not only complement her lehengas but also don’t look too cluttered, overwrought or dated. Here’s an exploration into the stylist’s D-day looks:

Modernist heirloom styling for D-day

Mehak picked some intelligent, cosmopolitan jadau for her daytime wedding; her polki jewellery from Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas was drenched in drama but was also very consciously curated for a no-frills styling. The necklace featured well-cut, oversized polki in the main panel along with breathy kundan tassels and pastel gemstones which accented her Falguni and Shane Peacock lehenga perfectly. She put a lot of thought into the colour theme of her look, because she sticks to a pastel tonality which really works because it lets her sport dramatic bling without looking too dated.

New-age navratna navratna for mehendi look

Mehak sported a distinguished, geometric choker from Razwada Jewels for her Mehendi which switches the classic navratna styling. The necklace features emerald cut gemstones surrounded by a cluster of diamonds and flanked by chic emerald beads. The piece has a keen focus on colour blocking and exudes a lot of drama owing to its impeccable symmetry in design.

Classic, cocktail high jewellery for her sangeet

Mehak wore a dramatic cascading lehenga by Amit Aggarwal for her sangeet and needed something eclectic to introduce some old school elegance. So she chose to sport  the classic, vine-like, intertwined silhouetted necklace by Goenka India, featuring a rested colour symmetry of diamonds and sapphires that noticeably does not clash with Mehek’s jewel-toned lehenga, eve though the blue sapphires and the pink ensemble are both quite striking in tonality.


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