Aishwarya Bhandari’s bridal choker is a lesson in picking dynamic pieces


Playback singer Aishwarya Bhandari wore an exaggerated and blocky choker by Lucknow’s Lala Jugal Kishore, for her wedding to Shreyas Puranik. Aishwarya goes for the layering trend, however, she doesn’t shy away from using maximalist Awadhi Jadau. Her D-day pieces were audacious, to say the least, and yet they were curated superbly.

The uncluttered design language of the Polki choker featuring a line of oversized Polki at the top panel, flanked by asymmetrical line of smaller diamonds and pearl accents, was a great pick; the fact that the curation was so clean drew attention to how brilliantly the diamonds were cut.

Aishwarya layered this striking Polki piece with another intricate and heavy-set maharani haar; the piece was quite regal, a long, paneled necklace bedecked with assorted polkis, strung together with geometric cut diamonds. Both the pieces picked by Aishwarya were heavy-duty Jadau and yet, they totally worked because that was the style memo she opted for.

There’s no reason why intimate wedding brides can’t opt for super dramatic Rajasthani or Nizami Jadau, even for daytime weddings; however, the tonality and design language of every number layered together has to be in sync. It’s also important to note that Aishwarya’s jewellery was not boring but actually took a lot of risks, all of which paid off.


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