Arpita Mehta & Gehna Jewellers Enthral With Enchanting Emeralds



What happens when you juxtapose renowned Gehna Jeweller’s emblem of quality, ace designer Arpita Mehta’s creativity and the everlasting splendour of emeralds? Out, come 26 exquisite pieces that pay an ode to the woman of today. We got to see these brilliant jewellery statements at an exclusive preview held at Gehna Jewellers for the launch of their collaborative collection with fashion designer, Arpita Mehta. This interestingly also marks Arpita’s foray into the world of fine jewels.  

It is no new news that Gehna Jewellers holds a legacy of skilled and unparalleled craftsmanship with remarkable finishing for the past 32 years. Likewise, fashion designer, Arpita Mehta has been the face of modern designs over the past decade. This exceptional tie-up has given birth to a unique collaboration and collection. Being a jewellery aficionado, Arpita had always wanted to diversify and channel her creative impetus into designing fine jewellery pieces. And Gehna Jewellers was quick to see an opportunity in the same. Why only emeralds, you may ponder. For one, there is never a validation required to wear these glamorous green beauties. And two, and perhaps the more important one, emeralds are the designer’s all-time favourite gemstone. 

Emerald stones create depth in the pieces, enhancing its visual appeal. The definite fluidity of the designs embodies an enduring and elegant disposition. The entire collection is centred around this glistening gemstone, varying from minimalist to voluminous festive ones, with polki elements balancing out the designs. Overall Arpita marries her individual signature style to the assortment, that lends a novel and fresh appeal to the collection. The aesthetic of the new collection however follows the same principles that are inherent to Gehna Jewellers.

The campaign shoot was made spectacular with styling and conceptualization by Mohit Rai, with Taras Taraporvala behind the lens, and Mehak Oberoi as the HMU. The models were draped in silhouettes by Arpita herself. Perfect for urban ladies, the collection blends functionality with fashion. Dig in right away.



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