An Incomparable Gift This Mother’s Day – Rare Platinum


Mother – the purest love you will ever know. Far from the worldly vices of greed and selfishness her love only gives. She is your fiercest protector, your relentless nurturer and your inmost being. This magical bond you share with her is one of a kind, deserving of a precious gift this mother’s day. So choose something as rare as her and her love. Choose platinum!

A truly celestial metal, Platinum was found on Earth after a meteorite crash over 2 billion years ago. Only a few deposits were left behind making platinum one of the rarest metals for precious jewellery. For something as precious & rare as your relationship with her, only a metal this rare will do.

This Mother’s Day, choose from an array of designs from layered necklaces, pendants, to statement bracelets to a simple yet stylish chain. Inspired by global trends, the subtle and delicate designs of platinum jewellery are sure to remain etched in her heart. Visit to check some fabulous designs for your Mom and rush to the nearest authorised jeweller. Make this Mother’s Day really special for her!





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