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Who we are

Started in July 2018, TheJewelleryDiaries.com is India’s first precious jewellery online media platform.

Our perspective

In the last decade, we in India have witnessed a revolution in fashion. Jewellery is no stranger to this change. And precious jewellery is becoming ever more central to individual personality and style.

So it is time for us to adjust our perspective. No longer is precious jewellery just an investment. It is an essential enhancement to your look, an adornment that ushers you into the luxury fashion discourse. This is a significant improvement on its traditional appeal as an asset.

As jewellery enters the realm of high style, we are here to chronicle every relevant move in the jewellery industry, the celebrity world and high society.

What is TheJewelleryDiaries about?

Let us let you in on a secret. Very few people truly understand the jewellery market in India.

It is simply too big. A bewildering array of new designs, new ideas, new schemes arises every day. Hundreds of thousands of expert craftsmen and creators shape this constantly evolving universe.

But we get it. We really do. We run India’s first and leading business awards and the first and only knowledge forum for retail jewellers. Since 2004 we publish the Retail Jeweller magazine, read and trusted by thousands of jewellers. We are a part of the industry’s innermost circles. We interact regularly with jewellers in hundreds of towns and cities. We track the latest collections and newest showrooms. At the Retail Jeweller network it’s our job to know what’s happening in jewellery industry. Every day, every change, every perspective.

Therefore, TheJewelleryDiaries. We keep you up-to-date with what’s freshest, most exciting and most trustworthy in fine jewellery in India.

What can TheJewelleryDiaries do for you?

If you love and enjoy fine jewellery, as we do, we know how you sometimes feel — overwhelmed! How to make sense of it all? How to make the right choice?

We understand how trends in jewellery tie in with your important personal occasions, and with trends in fashion and lifestyle. We know what sale or campaign is on now, and what’s coming up next.

The latest designs, the latest exhibitions, stores, trends and everything else relating to precious fine jewellery — this is what, painstakingly, we go and find for you.

Our mission is to bring you the finest selection and the clearest insights from this glittering, rarefied world. We have the news, the gossip, the knowledge, the experience. We have the foresight.

Precious jewellery is one of the most considered purchases that a woman makes. We support your buying journey with the most accurate and up-to-the-moment information. And through TheJewelleryDiaries we will partner with you to make your decision-making journey easier and infinitely more rewarding.

Follow us and get exclusive access to the world of Indian jewellery — just the way you like it.

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